Veganism isn't a diet.

It’s a lifestyle.

Choosing to live a healthy, cruelty-free life isn’t good just for you or some animals – it’s necessary for the earth. Explore a vegan lifestyle, free of any and all animal products, and decide for yourself.

Why Vegan?

We veganoholics have all chewed your ears, tried day and night to convince you of why you should change. Not cool! It’s your prerogative – eat what you want, wear what you want, buy what you want. After all:
You need protein
Animals can’t think or feel
It’s the natural order of the world

Vegan Workshops

If you’ve made it this far down, you’re probably curious to try the vegan fad that’s taken the world by a storm. That, or your boss isn’t giving you enough to do. Either way, yay! Come join me and refresh your vegan know-how.
Slimming Salads’ Workshop
13th February 2018
Appetizers for All Workshop
18th March 2018
Request a workshop today!

Vegan Weekly

Maybe a one-off workshop isn’t good enough for you. Maybe you want more. Maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for long-term commitment. Fear not, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find weekly tips, tricks and tales, all for the sole purpose of making your veganoholic life but a little more fun.

In Print!

And it gets better! Hindustan Times just featured Veganoholic in their newspaper! Advika talked to them about the importance of bringing veganism to India and Meatless Monday's India chapter. Read on below! Hindustan Times e-Paper

On Radio!

Guess what? BIG FM 92.7, one of India's most popular radio channels, just featured Veganoholic on their station in Chandigarh! Advika spoke about her transition to veganism, the benefits of a vegan diet and how plant-based eating is easier than it may sound. Listen...

The Delhi Diaries

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went by Delhi this time. While my all time favorite Rose Cafe never failed to wow my tastebuds, I wondered if there might be new options. And low-and-behold, I stumbled upon Roadhouse Cafe! The chain is huge in Nepal, with their...

Vegan Words

This book is a must-have, whether you’re veganoholic or not!

Hungry to Heal

Author: Shalini Saran Gupta

You can’t resist that decadent chocolate cake on the cover, can you? So why not indulge yourself? It’s all the irresistible food you can imagine, in a handy, easy-to-follow set of 50 recipes.

And yes, you caught me and my nepotism: that is, in fact, my mother’s latest cookbook. But biases aside, I cannot recommend this book more strongly. And if you still aren’t convinced, my photographer of a sister took some mouth-watering pictures.

Meatless Monday India

Work at a start-up? Cater in a restaurant? Pack a doggy-bag for your kids? Bake when you’re sad? YOU can make a difference! How? By going meatless, once a week.

Meatless Monday is a global campaign with the goal of reducing meat consumption in people’s diet. With a presence in dozens of countries around the world, they’ve finally come to India! If you’re interested in going meatless and becoming a veganoholic, you’re in the right place.

Whatever. I’m Vegan.

If you’re a veganoholic, woohoo! If not, don’t worry, I’m not here to shame you. After all, till a few years ago, I couldn’t get my fill of chicken wings and seekh kababs. But then, one day, things took a turn..


Veganoholics are either already vegans or have chanced upon the concept and want to know more, whether or not they are considering the lifestyle themselves. This website is designed to cater to their various needs, be it understanding the vegan lifestyle, or implementing it. If you have absolutely any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate in reaching out!


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